Graphic Novel Review: Joseph Gardner

Page 119 of “On a Sunbeam” by Tillie Walden

I read “On a Sunbeam” by Tillie Walden. It is a graphic novel about a girl named Mia, the newest member of a space crew. It was originally published as a web comic, but then made into a book. The crew flies around in a space ship and renovates different structures.

The crew is all female or non-binary. Mia travels with her crew and travels to an off limits planet to find say goodbye to her old girlfriend.

I mostly got this book for it’s visuals. I loved the pastel colors and the depiction of space: usually it’s meant to be empty and scary, but in this book it’s beautiful.

This book is drawn simply and intentionally. It uses blanks space to convey loneliness and sort of a melancholy feel.

I think the artist chose to make the characters so simple because she wanted thew reader to focus on the backgrounds and environments that the characters are in. The environments reflect the characters feelings more than the actual characters faces.

The colors also reflect the characters feelings. When the characters are happy, the backgrounds change to reddish colors, and when they’re sad the colors get more washed out.

I also think that the characters are so simple because the author wanted to draw emphasis on the things that the characters say. There are long, extended pauses that sometimes last pages, but when the characters say something, it’s profound.

Refer to some specific concepts from Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding Comics” that you think apply well to this book/comic. Include at least one visual example from your book. Don’t forget to provide the title and author.

Above is an action to action progression. It’s a memory of Mias, and there is no dialogue throughout the memory sequence. This is to draw attention to the emotion in the scene. It’s more intimate because they didn’t ask to kiss, they just did it. It deepens the connection between them.

You also read a number of web comics by Eroyn Franklin and Scott McCloud for this week. What struck you as especially different or noteworthy about reading comics in a digital format?

The thing that struck me as different about reading comics online is the possibility of interactivity. Scott McClouds the right number is a good example of this. As you progress, you go further into the comic. It is much more immersive than if you just turned a page.

This particular comic made motion feel more natural. You feel like you’re walking through the image and things are happening around you. It conveys motion in a completely different way than any printed comic could.

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