Graphic Novel Review: Tom McLean

Page from Goodbye Chunky Rice – Written by Craig Thompson

The graphic novel that I chose to read for this blog post was called Goodbye Crunchy Rice, Written by Craig Thompson. This graphic novel is about how Chunky Rice leaves his home to find himself in the world. He takes his friend, a mouse, along with him. To me, the graphic novel was about friendship and creating relationships with people you never thought you would have. The iconography of the graphic novel is a simple style with more detail given to other characters rather than the main character. I believe Craig Thompson chose this style because he wanted to show how more complex other people are in comparison to Chunky Rice. Overall I really enjoyed reading this graphic novel. It was inviting to me and made it overall an enjoyable book to read.

The web comic that stood out to me the most was the ones written by Scott McCloud himself. To be more specific, the web comic called “The Right Number” stood out to me the most. I love the way that McCloud uses the next frame of the comic as he puts it straight in the middle of the main frame you are looking at as the reader. It was because of this I just wanted to keep on reading and reading, knowing a small bit of what the next frame was going to show me. What I find most noteworthy of these types of comics are the attention to detail when trying to give the reader close to the same experience of reading a comic in print versus digital.

Frame from Scott McCloud’s webcomic – “The Right Number”

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