Graphic Novel Review: Maria Alvarez

I decided to read the book MoonCop by Tom Gauld for this assignment. The book is about a cop on the moon but he is super lonely. People are slowly leaving the moon to go back to earth. He requests to go back to earth but his request gets denied, instead, he gets a therapy robot. The therapy robot soon combusts and by the end of the story, he and a coffee girl end up being the only two people on the moon. Overall, this was a pretty fun book.


When it comes to the iconography, the drawings are super simple. The illustrations were mainly people, drawn in a stick figure form. Chapter two of Scott McCloud’s book talks about the different types of vocabulary and how we interpret drawings. This comic would fit more onto the simple form of drawing rather than a realistic and abstract form of drawing.

We also had to read webcomics. The main thing that

Dead Baby Downhill Turns 20

was different about reading a webcomic as opposed to an in-person book was all the scrolling I had to do. With books, I can look at two pages at once and I can infer what is happening. But with webcomics, I could only go in a specific direction the author wanted us to go in. When it comes to tying this comic to the textbook, I would say that the concept of color is very relevant. For the webcomic, you can see only three main colors which are white, blue, and yellow. The yellow highlights the text which can show us more of the typography. The blue there more to upscale the characters and keep the reader’s eyes more focused. When I first saw this comic, I was able to concentrate more on the pictures since there was not a lot of color going on to distract me.

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