Graphic Novel Review: Emily Bartholomew

“The Case of the Missing Men” by Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes

The graphic novel that I decided to read for the month is called “The case of missing men” by Kris Bertin and Alexander Forbes. The graphic novel is about a group of teens in a detective club in high school. Before the story begins it starts with a scene of a man going missing, it turns out that the man that goes missing at the beginning of the story is the main character’s dad. Then once the story actually begins the group of teens that are in the detective club try and figure out what happened to his dad before the police do. Throughout the story, the kids find clues that connect to the missing men, but for some reason when they try and show the police, the evidence is gone, or it looks like it was never there. At the end of the book, the teens end up finding where the missing men are, who captured them and discovers the reasoning behind them brainwashing the missing men.

Eroyn Franklin’s Berkins Addict

In the graphic novel that I chose to read for the month, the only colors that are in the book are black and white.  In the book beginning of the book, the text bubbles are very small and aren’t very frequently. But once the storyline gets interesting and things start to happen the text bubbles get longer and are on the page more frequently. The images in the book seem to be hand-drawn which makes the comic feel more realistic than if they were made on the computer. Unlike Eroyn Franklin’s webcomic which was made on the computer, but just like the comics I read, the colors throughout the book are the same two colors and there isn’t a new color added throughout the story. The text bubbles in Eroyn’s comic are all the same amount in every panel.

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