Graphic Novel Review: Cierra Haken

Ultimate Spiderman Chapter 9

For my Graphic Novel that I chose to read during the month of October, I read Ultimate Spiderman, book one of the Spiderman Collection written by Brian Michael Bendis. This book takes us along the journey of high schooler, Peter Parker who was bitten by a radioactive spider on a class field trip, and as we all know, turns into Spiderman. The rest of the story follows along the typical Spiderman story, including villains such as the Green Goblin and Kingpin. The iconography chosen for this book is very similar to other Spiderman novels, including fairly detailed and realistic lines. The colors are very saturated and there are very bold, thick black outlines to make each and every image pop. Bringing this book back to the basics of comics, and to Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics,” I looked at a specific panel to panel transition. In chapter 9, there is a very tense scene where Spiderman runs into some bad guys who end up pointing a gun in his face. This scene uses moment-to-moment transitions because on the lower half of the page, each panel shows each person in the scene up close, and their facial reactions to the moment as Spiderman is held at gunpoint.

The Right Number: Part 1, Panel 24 By Scott McCloud

When reading the web comics, I was particularly drawn to Scott McCloud’s “The wrong Number: Part one.” Reading this comic was very different from reading a comic in print because of the way each panel held the next inside the frame. And when you click to the next frame, the screen zooms in, like you are going down a tunnel. This made the story very interesting, as you feel like you are being pulled into the story of the main character who is connects phone numbers with relationships and how they work out or not. The way in which you can only look at one panel at a time is very strange to me though because there is no panel to panel transition, as the way we see it in print. Each panel is supposed to stand alone, having little panel to panel similarities that show as they do in my Spiderman Example.

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