Graphic Novel Review: Bruno Signorelli

Watchmen begins with the murder of Edward Blake, who was a retired masked hero. One of his colleagues Rorschach decides to investigate the murder himself, because he believes the murder is part of a larger plan to kill all masked heroes. The story proceeds to follow this story of who is killing masks heroes. Which is later reviled to be a former masked hero himself, who has the intention of uniting the world by creating a false enemy. Although this is the main plot of the story it also follows many other subplots among the other masked heroes and even a superhuman. This story is as much of a murder mystery as it is an insight on time, rules, order, identity, patriotism, and modernization. The iconography of the book is very similar to that of many mainstream superhero comics but in a much darker tone. This fits with the book very well, because for the most part this is a darker and more real look at what a world with heroes would look like. Another key part of the iconography of this book I feel is the design of the character. I believe the character this is most importantly shown with is Dr. Manhattan who is the only superhero with powers in the story, and his otherworldly power is clearly displayed with his design, as he always stands out in whatever page he’s in.

Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Chapter 9 pg 2









After reading the web comics the one thing I found unique and different to reading something in a none web based format is the different way of showing time. This was mainly because most of the web comics I read did not play around with the format of each comic panel like a traditional one does, and in some each page was just one panel.

Scott McCloud ” The Right Number”

A good example of this was in the web comic by Scott McCloud “The Right Number” In this example it shows how the web comic goes from one panel to another, and the way this is done is by having the next panel shrunk in the middle and then zooming in on it once you switch pages.

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