Physical​ to Virtual : Ana Maria Alaniz Mendoza


Scanned photo of Ana Maria’s Hawaiian pineapple shirt by Ana Maria.

On our first day of scanning, I brought my Hawaiian pineapple shirt and a lace scarf. First, I just wanted to have items that had unique fabric texture and patterns. The dainty little pineapples on the shirt, as well as the buttons going down the shirt, hold a lot of character. I made a lot of fun memories while wearing the shirt so I figured I would tie it into my project somehow. The lace scarf was just mailed to me in a care package from my mom. To be honest, I probably will never wear the scarf, but it’s definitely something my mom would wear so I like it because it symbolizes her. The timing of me receiving the scarf was perfect! I’m excited to utilize the lace very up close so all of the details can be seen in my project.


Scanned photo of Ana Maria’s stickers by Ana Maria.

Some other items I would like to scan for the project will include a couple matte stickers. I bought a cool sticker this summer when I was in South Lake Tahoe and I designed some cool stickers for Gannon Goldsworthy, which is the dorm I work/live in. I’m hoping that the scanner will capture the matte texture as opposed to looking like a basic vector graphic. Since I work for the Daily Evergreen, it might be cool to scan one of the first covers I designed; it would add a nice vintage newspaper texture I think. The only other items I can think of scanning at the moment are my keychains and maybe a couple keys. In my opinion, keys are very decorative without trying to be. Growing up, I used to wear my house hey on a necklace because I liked what it looked like so much. A scan will transfer the shiny and jagged details in the keys.



About Ana Maria

My name is Ana María Alaniz Mendoza. Currently, Washington State University is where I'm working towards a double major in advertising and digital technology/culture.
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