Pattern and Texture: Adam Pacheco


This is a picture of the pattern design on one of my flannels I have in my closet that I took.

A pattern to me is anything made up of elements that creates noticeable repetition. To create repetition, one can use points, lines, planes, or any altered version of these three elements. My picture shows a pattern made up of lines and points of intersection between these lines. I also recall reading in the textbook that once a line becomes wide enough, it becomes a plain. I believe it is easiest to understand the pattern behind my photo as plains going up and down as well as going side to side. These plains intersect and create the different colored boxes and the repeating pattern. The bright red color pattern in the photo makes the pattern really pop out to the viewer in my opinion.





This is a picture of the texture of the fake fur I have on one of my beanies which I also took.

I chose this photo of one of my beanies as texture because it has a fake fur fabric on it that has a lot of texture to it. I would define texture as the appearance of an object, which can either be digital or physical. Physical in the sense that you can physically touch the object and feel what type of texture that object possesses, whether it be smooth, rough, rugged, slippery, etc. In the case for my photo, this creates digital texture because the viewer can see that the beanie has a furry texture with thousands of thin strands creating this overall texture of the beanie. The viewer can then get a sense of what the beanie might feel like just by looking at a photo of it. Although the various parts of the beanie have different textures, the main texture I am focusing on is the fur because it is much more eye grabbing to the viewer.

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