Project Three

Oral History

  • Preparatory work due Tuesday, 3/20
  • Additional due dates TBA


For your final project, you will record and edit an oral history that explores how someone from a different generation experiences/experienced technology and media differently than you do. Your understanding and interpretation of Ready Player One should help inspire your choice for an interview subject: How do the characters in Ready Player One experience the world differently than you do now? Consider the differences in areas such as consumption of entertainment, social interaction, work life, and finances (the list could go on…). Can the differences you identify between your world now and the fictional future described in Ready Player One inspire ideas about who you would like to interview and what questions you would like to ask them?

An oral history records an individual’s memories and observations about a specific topic or time period, which you draw out through thoughtful interview questions.

Preparatory Work

Due: Tuesday, 3/20

Over Spring Break, you should prepare for the oral history project by 1) Reading the final section of Ready Player One (Level Three,Chapters 0028-0039), and by 2) Watching 2-3 of the classic 1980s movies described as important in the novel. When you return from break, bring a 2-3 paragraph analysis of each film you have watched that addresses these questions:

  1. What forms of technology played prominent roles in the film? Explain how they did and how this impacted the overall trajectory/narrative of the film.
  2. How have the specific instances of technology depicted in the film changed between now and the present day? How are people’s lives different as a result? Are there any instances of technology that haven’t changed very much?